"Too Big to Fail" is an double release.


Studio Album:

October 2018, Lotus Records

recorded & mixed at SONO Records, 2018

by Milan Cimfe

additional mixing & mastering

by Werner Angerer


The song "Too Big to Fail"

Music by Šaban Bajramović ("Kerta mange daje")

courtesy of Aquarius Music Publishing


Live Recording:


Madame Baheux feat.

Thomas Gansch - trumpet

Otto Lechner - keyboard

Paul Schuberth - Accordion


will be available exclusively as free download via band camp


recorded by Robin Gillard

March 2018 in Porgy & Bess, Vienna

 photo by Sascha Osaka

Debut album

2014 @ Lotus Records

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* "Probably THE World Music Album of the Year from Austria..." MICA

* Madame Baheux CD @ the TOP 20 of the World Music Charts Europe in November 2014!

* Our CD got on TOP of the charts of Disco3000/Radio B92 list of the year 2014!


Two of our songs have found their place on the Compilation

"RADIO VIENNA/Sounds from the 21st Century"
at the prestigious World Music label GALILEO, 2015.

We are glad to be along there with other great Viennese musicians such as Fatima Spar, Nenad Vasilić & Nataša Mirković, Sormeh, Schmieds Puls, 5/8erl in Ehren and manny others!
Enjoy ...